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Sound Wool

Wool fibres that do not break during the manufacturing process  Wool that has a staple strength of 35 newtons per kilotex and above is usually deemed as sound.

The process of making yarn from fibre by inserting twist.
Male sheep that has not been castrated properly.
Synonyms - Ram Stag

Wool fibres that are affected by various contaminants that can't be removed by scouring and are permanently discoloured. e.g. urine, pen, water and blood stain.

Section of a shearing board allocated and used by one shearer.

A group of individual wool fibres clumped together within a fleece.

Staple base
the bottom of the wool staple that represents the portion of the wool staple where it has been cut directly adjacent to the skin surface.
Wool lacking in character and possessing a steely or glassy sheen. It is produced on pastures deficient in trace elements such as copper.
Plastic or metal template used for branding bales.
A subjective term generally referring to a combination of characteristics of wool, which include brightness, dust penetration, crimp frequency and definition, tip shape and fibre density.
Suburban Shed
A shearing shed close enough to travel to and from on a daily basis.
Sudoriferous gland
Gland situated near the base of the wool follicle that excretes sweat or suint.
Excretion from sweat glands of the sheep, which is deposited on the wool fibres.
Sweat Locks
Wool fibres encrusted with black heavy conditioned crease from the sweat glands of sheep often referred to as fribs.
A "man-made" fabric produced from a chemical compound.
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