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Fleece Measurement

Samples of fleece wool that are taken from individual sheep are submitted by sheep breeders and wool growers for the routine measurement of Fibre Diameter (micron) using a Laserscan instrument. This instrument provides other data in conjunction with the Fibre Diameter result, including the Coefficient of Variation of Diameter (CVD), Comfort Factor and a Fibre Curvature measurement result.

The results of individual fleece measurement tests are often used for the following purposes:

  • The selection of individual animals exhibiting superior fibre characteristics by breeders
  • The marketing of stud stock
  • Scientific research or trial work
  • Fleece competitions at agricultural or sheep shows
  • Identification of sheep with fleeces with lower fibre diameter so that fleeces can be separated or segregated to create bales of fine wool to be sold at a premium price

Fleece measurement is predominantly performed on sheep's wool but most of the above attributes can also be measured on mohair, alpaca, cashmere or other animal fibres.

Fleece measurement is often also referred to as mid-side testing, taking its common name from the location on the animal from where the sample is taken.

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