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Research and Development

Research & Development plays a major part in the development of AWTA Raw Wool. Based in Melbourne, the Research & Engineering group forms the largest wool measurement and engineering research group in the wool industry.

Work conducted by the group falls into the following areas:

  • Fundamental research to develop an understanding of the underlining physics of specific measurement systems
  • Development of test methods, standards & regulations
  • Development, design & manufacture of testing equipment for in-house use & sale
  • Industry projects & collaborations
  • General wool metrology & analysis
  • TopMark - Mill Benchmarking

AWTA researchers are available to conduct and manage research projects under contract or in partnership with others. The Research teams expertise is extensive and covers the following broad areas:

  • Wool measurement science
  • Textile physics & engineering
  • Experimental design & statistical analysis
  • Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy
  • Management of research projects

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Fact Sheet - Research MetrologyPDF

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