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Electronic Certificates (eCerts)

AWTA produces electronic Test Certificates and Guidance Reports as part of our standard services. These eCerts can be emailed in PDF format direct to the requestor as soon as testing is complete. The format is identical to that of the printed documents and includes multiple copies. Paper Certificates are still available by request but printing them will incur an additional fee. IWTO Combined Certificates are also available translated into Chinese.

AWTA has introduced a number of security measures that protect the integrity of our Electronic Certificates. One such feature is the use digital signatures to secure the PDF files prior to distribution from our server. If the document is changed in anyway, then the signature becomes invalid. When viewing one of our eCerts, a valid document will display the signature below:

Digital Signature

If you do not see this text, please check the configuration of the digital signature by following the steps in the Fact Sheet available here:

Should the signature remain invalid, another copy of the document can be obtained through our
Certificate Verification service, or contact us directly and ask that we check its authenticity.

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