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Candice Cordy wins the 2018 Wool Broker of the Year

Landmark’s Candice Cordy has taken out the 2018 Wool Broker of the Year title.

The Bendigo wool account manager’s prestigious win was announced at the Australian Wool Industries Secretariat’s Wool Week gala in Melbourne.


Ms Cordy, who is currently responsible for the marketing of 7500 bales on behalf of 140 clients, said in her presentation that a wool broker’s role is multifaceted.

“I think it’s important to work with growers, and get the product right on farm,” Ms Cordy said.

“[I help] with their breeding and selection so the wool they’re producing has the potential to meet the market requirements.”

Last year, she supported over 50 clients with ram selection and purchases, and classed over 8000 young sheep.

She said even small improvements in the performance of a flock can not only improve profitability on-farm, but also provide a boost to a grower’s confidence.

A practical suggestion she has passed onto a number of her clients is the introduction of shorter shearing intervals.

“I introduced the concept to a number of clients in response to overlength wools and the market discounts they can attract,” she said.

“Also the potential improvements to animal health and management, and the positive results for wool in increasing its tensile strength and consistency.”

Stock & Land editor and competition judge Annabelle Cleeland said the competition has got to be one of the most difficult titles to secure.

Ms Cleeland said Ms Cordy demonstrated her ability to mitigate market risk, educate her clients on shorter shearing opportunities, and was able to prove the commercial benefits of her advice and support.

“On top of that, Candice contributed at an industry-wide level, managing the world’s largest fleece competition at the Australian Sheep & Wool Show in Bendigo, in a very cool, calm and collected manner,” Ms Cleeland said.

She said it was worth acknowledging and celebrating that all three finalists of the competition were women.

She said the other two finalists also epitomised the modern broker, excelling in their roles to care for their clients.

These were Australian Wool Network (AWN) northern wool technical officer Cassie Baile and Elders wool technical coordinator Sam Wan.

Ms Cleeland said Ms Baile had chased premiums for her clients and introduced efficiencies on AWN’s show floor.

“She is also innovating transaction by teaching the old blokes how to use an iPad, which is no mean feat,” she said.

She said Ms Wan showed a passion and enthusiasm for wool and wool broking that is inspirational.

“Sam is becoming the wool industry’s true digital disruptor, through technological innovation that in the coming years, the entire industry will benefit from through greater community and client engagement,” she said.

Sponsored by Fairfax Agricultural Media and Australian Wool Testing Authority, Ms Cordy will represent the country at the International Wool Textile Organisation’s annual congress in Venice, Italy, next year.

Original article by Joely Mitchell, Stock & Land

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