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  • Fleece Measurement Service Request (Yield, Micron, L&S, Colour),-micron,-l-s,-colour
  • Electronic Services

    AWTA offers a wide range of online and electronic services including: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) TOPMARK TM Benchmarking Combined Certificates & Objectively Matched Lots (OMLs) Electronic Certificates including Chinese translations Online...
  • Pesticide Residue Analysis Test Request
  • Fleece Measurement Terms August 2013
  • FAQs

    AWTA Raw Wool are frequently approached by brokers, wool growers and others who have specific questions about the Company, its services and many other matters which relate to the Wool Industry. A broad selection of questions are available below: AWTA...
  • IWTO Combined Certificates & OMLs

    Wool Exporters and processors are required by purchasers to provide test certificates that show that a consignment of wool meet the requirments specified in a contract. These documents are also used to authorise payments by banks issuing letters of...
  • Raw Wool Terms August 2013

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