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An organism living at the expense of another (the host). Can be classified in various ways, such as external and internal.

Sheep skin with little or no wool on it.
Pen Stain

Fleece wool discoloured by sheep's faeces while the sheep are being penned. Usually a dark green colour.

Penner Up
Member of a shearing team responsible for penning the sheep.
A breed of sheep developed by breeders George Peppin and Thomas Shaw in the late 1850s that constitutes a significant portion of the Australian Merino flock.
A chemical used to kill a pest. Crop pesticides can be herbicides (weed killers) insecticides (insect killers) or fungicides (fungus/mould killers). On animals, pesticides usually refers to remedies used against external parasites.

Male sheep's penis. Urine stained wool found on bellies from around the pizzle area of male sheep is known as pizzle stain.

Plunge dipping
A method for applying a remedy against external parasites by plunging the animal into a vessel / tank containing the chemical.
A sheep with no horns.
A major contaminant in the wool industry commonly used as hay baling twine dyed in different colours eg. black, red.
Position of Break
An indication of where a staple breaks during extension, determined by comparing the masses of clean wool in the broken portions of the staple. It does not imply that a break exists in the staple. Reported as the percentage of breaks in each third of a staple, viz. tip, middle or base.
A sheep at the top of its condition.
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