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Equipment Manufacturing

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AWTA Raw Wool manufactures or subcontracts the manufacturing of most of the equipment that is used in its laboratories. Much of this is specialised equipment that cannot be obtained from other sources.

AWTA is the largest supplier of wool testing equipment in the world, and has delivered equipment into Europe, Asia, New Zealand, South Africa and South America. In particular, AWTA is licensed to manufacture the SIROLAN™ LASERSCAN, used to determine the fibre fineness characteristics of wool, and the ATLAS instruments, used for determining Staple Length & Strength.

Manufactures of Raw Wool testing equipment:

  • LASERSCAN & accessories
  • Wool ComfortMeter
  • Wool HandleMeter
  • Sampling & other equipment



AWTA has a number of machines available for sale on a built to order basis. Occasionally a limited number of second hand machines become available and may be sold as refurbished models or “as-is”.

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