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Electronic Data Exchange (EDI)

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The electronic distribution of data is an integral part of AWTA’s services. Through our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) facilities, AWTA provide electronic data for virtually every test we undertake. Customers can improve service turnaround and reduce testing costs by transmitting sale lot and bale weight data to AWTA as part of our standard core testing service.

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IWTO Combined Certificates & OMLs

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Wool Exporters and processors are required by purchasers to provide test certificates that show that a consignment of wool meet the requirments specified in a contract. These documents are also used to authorise payments by banks issuing letters of credit. Consignments often consist of numerous sale lots purchased according to the contract specifications. As it is not cost effective for the individual sale lots to be resampled and measured again as a single test, AWTA provides a service where the tests results of individual sale lots can be arithmetically combined to show the overall average measurements on a single IWTO Combined Certificate. These IWTO Combined Certificates are widely recognised and trusted throughout the wool supply chain. Similarly, the same process can be used to produce Objectively Matched Lots, however the combination of lots is restricted by minimum and maximum measurement ranges.

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Online Certificate Verification

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The online Certificate Verificationsystem allows holders of AWTA Test Certificates to obtain another copy via email simply by entering the certificate number, some security information and an email address into an online form. It has been provided so that people who have Certificates in their possession can check that they are legitimate. It is not designed to allow Certificates to be reproduced by those that do not own them.

Mulesing Status Reports can also be requested through this facility. Requestors need the certificate number and security code of a Combined Certificate or Mulesing Status Report in order to obtain a copy of the document.

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Electronic Certificates (eCerts)

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AWTA produces electronic Test Certificates and Guidance Reports as part of our standard services. These eCerts can be emailed in PDF format direct to the requestor as soon as testing is complete. The format is identical to that of the printed documents and includes multiple copies. Paper Certificates are still available by request but printing them will incur an additional fee. IWTO Combined Certificates are also available translated into Chinese.

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